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  • Ria Marie - I Hate You, I Love You (Cover)

    Hailing from Bristol, Tenn., the birthplace to one of the most successful music genres in the world, RiaMarie--née Alex Gibson--has an undeniable passion for creating music that runs as deep as her hometown’s country roots. 



    To say that singing is in her blood would simply be an understatement; she is a distant relative of the trailblazing Carter Family and the daughter of a singing prodigy who at one point had been associated with musical legends such as the late Whitney Houston and Bob Marley, to name a few. 


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  • Bianca - Light it up



    “Light It Up”


    New video by LA singer BIANCA, who combines the light hearted and smooth melodies of her music with the reality of life. 


    Bianca took a few months to release her first video for “Light It Up”. When life caught up with her, she had to dust it off and get up off her feet and find the strength to keep chasing her dreams. 

    Last year, after the few months that followed her very well received debut singles “Eyes On Me” and “Makin Mine”, Bianca was leaving in her car and couch surfing. Through that rough patch, she never lost focus and saved up money so she could find a place before investing anything into her art that she cherishes so much.


    “Light It Up” is for her to re-introduce herself and prepare for her upcoming project: CoolKidsTravel. “I want everyone to understand that this has been a process for me. I’ve struggled and overcame and I’m still learning and growing as an artist.” 

    This song has a double meaning. It might sound sweet and smooth but the lyrics are actually coming from a dark place, when Bianca was going through a violent relationship. This song represents the sweet and sour pain that she felt in those times, “It’s difficult to see your worth when you don’t appreciate yourself enough sometimes.”


    CoolKidsTravel will be a rainbow of emotions and beats, because sometimes she’s mad, sometimes she’s sad, sometimes she’s sprung! Each track will be sprinkled with drums and heavy bass and the singles “Eyes On Me” and “Light It Up” will be on the project.  



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  • Brittany Clarke - Bone Island

    Singer, Songwriter and Musicians, Brittany Clarke from New York is an inspiring Artists making her place in the Music Scene and MusicHideout supports Brittany all the way to the top.


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  • Brittany Clarke ft Michael White - Reprieve

    The amazingly talented, Singer-Songwriter, Brittany Clarke is back with her new release ‘Reprieve - Acoustic Sessions’. She continues to carve her own lane building her sound and diverse catalogue of hit songs ranging from Folk and Blues to Neo-Soul and R&B. Last year, we were treated to her "Slowly" EP with track 4, "Bone Island" still one of our favourites here at musichideout. ‘Reprieve’ delivered and Brittany is here to stay. 

    We look forward to hearing more new material in the coming months! Be sure to check out ‘Reprieve’ the single, ‘Slowly’ the EP.

    @brittanyclarkemusic - ‘Reprieve - Acoustic Sessions’ : Link in bio

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  • Cheryll - Lovers and Friends

    We have always been a fan of Cheryll's music, so its fair to say her latest track 'Lovers and Friends' was a winner for us at MusicHideout. With a beautiful soulful voice, she sings about an experience that many of us have felt and can connect with.

    ‘Lovers and Friends’ is also available to stream & download on all digital music platforms.

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  • Cheryll - Redroom ft CO the Artist

    Following the recent audio and visual release of her remarkably received love filled ballad ‘Mine’ Cheryll returns with her latest seductive soulful single titled ‘Red Room’ (prod. By Jojofmusic) and features Co. the artist. 
    “Red Room” showcases Cheryll’s intense soul warming voice, to tell a story as she reflects on her deep life experiences, giving fans and listeners alike eargasms with her mellow sound. 
    The visuals of this love ballad see Cheryll inviting her significant other to her ‘Red Room’ which metaphorically is the place where she can give her significant other her undivided attention by showing them how far she is willing to go in order for them to understand how interested she is in them.
    Cheryll say: Music is always something I’ve loved, I really want people to hear my music and love it as much as I do.
    We can't wait to catch up further with Cheryll and hear about more to come in 2018. 
    ‘Red Room’ is also available to stream & download on all digital music platforms HERE.
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  • Jovel - Afrobashment AllStar Refix

    All music was remade, rewritten, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jovel. 


    Filmed and Directed by Saoud Khalaf, and the transition sfx were also done by Jovel.


    London-based R&B singer-songwriter Jovel is pleased to present his soulful new EP, ‘The Void’ on 20TH June 2016. Touching on a number of topics such as addiction, loneliness and emptiness, each track on the EP will be accompanied by emotive visuals in fitting with each theme.


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    Snapchat: @Jovelmusic



  • Obvious - Keep Fallin

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  • Prido ft Tantzz - Dunya

    "Dunya" meaning "this world" is brought to you by Manchester's very own Prido ft Tantzz.


    The song highlights the day to day hardships of young minorities living in deprived areas in Manchester/Uk on a full scale. 


    Without qualifications and jobs, a lot of the youth tend to hustle on the streets by selling drugs and committing petty crimes as a means to provide for families or themselves and this, in turn, places them in harsh environments where crime becomes the norm. 

  • Stykal Brix - Electric Chair

    Stykal Brix: Part one! Electric Chair is a story of a man who has been infected with an ancient virus during a time of the epidemic! Sent to death row he asks to see his lover one last time but his wish was only half granted when his lover visits him as a hologram. The edits of this music and movie is my very 1st solo project that I've written and a massive lifetime goal I can now say that I've achieved.


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