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Following a brief hiatus, Talitha Makoni returns with her brand new alternative Trap/RnB single from her forthcoming EP titled 'Today is tomorrow'. 'Okay' offers a chill-trap beat with RnB influences, supported by comforting and reassuring lyrics draped in optimism.
Talitha's music career has been at the forefront for 7 years. She has found her sound and consistently made it her prerogative to experiment with it in order to identify herself which her Instagram covers/mash ups of her favourite songs establish.
"How did I get into music? I honestly believe it was natural. I've always felt it's something I've known since I was young, I didn't have to think about it ."
Drawing influence from the likes of Gdragon, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and English poet William Blake to name a few, Talitha's harmonious hooks and mesmerising vocal ability gives her fans and listeners alike something to look forward to every time.
"I like changing up my sound, but at the moment I'm in a chilled/calm/ good vibes element."
Please all check out Takitha's new website: & let me know your thoughts on featuring 'Okay' on your platform.